Submit your website for inclusion on this list. Simply fill out the form below and press the submit button. New sites will be reviewed and added in the order they are received. I now list the following types of sites here...
  • Blogs
  • Free Sites
  • Link Lists
  • TGPs
  • Tubes
It may take some time to review your site depending on backlog. I reserve the right to not include your site for any reason, but here are some things that will surely get your submission denied...
  • Illegal porn.
  • Rape, torture, scat, nasty stuff.
  • Really crappy looking sites (I want good looking sites on this list).
  • If your website pops crap up all over the place. Tasteful pop-unders are okay.
  • If your site makes noise I likely will not list it.
  • If I get a fake virus warning (or a real virus) on your site, I will not list it.
Links back to my site appreciated, but not required. Links help me grow my site, and the more traffic I get, the more traffic I send out to the sites I list. If you want to give me a link...
<a href="">XXX Free Blogs and More!</a>
Someday, I'll makes some banners...
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  • Site Type - blog, TGP, tube, etc...
  • Description - describe your blog in about 50 words (surfers will see this so make it good!)
  • Message - anything else you want to tell me
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Bulk Submissions
If you have a long list of sites you would like to add, feel free to email them to me rather than submitting them via the form. I still require all of the data from the form. Bear in mind that the more sites you submit, the longer it will take me to get them all listed.

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